Velvet Citizen

Post Production Line Budget Producer 

      Garrett Beltis is an Associate Producer for World Wrestling Entertainment who has taken a role as a Producer on this project so that he may help see it through it’s final stages. In the past he has produced work for Simon & Schuster, as well as Washington State University Vancouver. Garrett served as an intern at Florentine Films. Later, he was asked to return to the studio under Ken Burns to contribute beyond his internship responsibilities. Garrett, whose passion lies in storytelling, has just received his Master’s in Business Administration with a focus in Marketing. This is a degree that he earned as a full-time student while working 60+ hour weeks at WWE doing everything from writing scripts to producing athletes backstage at Monday Night Raw. In his infrequent free-time, Garrett enjoys water color painting, puppetry, and freelancing for projects like Velvet Citizen. 

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